Starting out as random patterns, these pieces help me draw images from memory and the subconscious.
Much of the atmosphere in this work derives from my rural Bavarian childhood with its superstitions, its tales of temperamental and mischievous spirits, and the many flitting, half-seen, half-imagined creatures with which a child's imagination populates forests and dark barns. Animal, human, or both, these tricksters, performers and others are shape-shifting and ambiguous, comical or mythical creatures.
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undercover owl

Undercover Owl 70x50cm

airguitar player

Airguitar Player 70x50cm

Not so close!

Not so close! 50x70cm

invention of weightlifting

The invention of weightlifting 30x20cm

things on the roof

The things that go bump on the roof at night 70x50cm

trojan rabbit

Trojan Rabbit 70x50cm

it's getting bigger

It's getting bigger! 20x30cm

come the revolution

Come the Revolution... 70x50cm

hope is the thing with feathers

Hope is the Thing with the Feathers 70x50cm

not without my dog

Not Without my Dog! 70x50cm

girl with hammer

Girl with hammer & pink handbag 36x28cm

devil and dog

Devil and dog bring home a soul 50x70cm


Dancers 30x20cm

it comes to all of us

It comes to all of us 50x35cm


Bad News 35x50cm

the boot fairy

The Boot Fairy 70x50cm

the bird calamity

The Bird Calamity 70x50cm

the beggar

The Beggar 50x35cm

sunrise at the edge of the world

Sunrise at the edge of the world 35x50cm


The Pet 50x35cm


Clairvoyant 20x50cm


Trumpeter 20x50cm


Three-cup-trick albatross 50x35cm

look, no hands

Look - no hands! 50x35cm

the toy

The Toy 90x60cm

feed me

Feed me! 50x35cm

the weight of the world

The weight of the world 50x35cm


Puppeteer 70x90cm