Red Bucket Day!

Red Bucket Day! 50x20cm

photo of Renate Debrun

Renate Debrun is a German-born Irish artist based in Dublin.

Self-taught, she started out painting on silk, then concentrated for a time on print-making and currently combines monotype and mixed media drawing. She exhibits regularly and her work is represented in corporate and private collections in Ireland and abroad.

During her younger years as a freewheeling hippy she traveled widely, living in Mexico, the US, Spain and the UK but also got around to completing an MA in languages and linguistics. She now lives and works mainly in Dublin, still travels much and spends a lot of time in France. She speaks English, German, French, Spanish and Greek, and has recently started on Arabic.

Renate also works part-time as a professional plantswoman and gardener and more recently as a journalist and writer. She is working on a collaborative project involving two scripts for TV. She writes a weekly blog on gardening and plants on Facebook titled Urban Gardener

Her work can be seen at the Graphic Studio Gallery and Doorway Gallery in Dublin, and the Kenny Gallery, Galway

Full art CV is here

Renate Debrun, artist from Renate Debrun on Vimeo.